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Insight Cosmetics, established in 2012 in Kandivali, Mumbai by Dinesh Jain, is a beauty and skincare manufacturing company, renowned for its exceptional quality products that redefine safe cosmetics and beauty standards. 

Our founders and team of experts behind the table bring immense experience of more than 2 decades in manufacturing cosmetics and skincare with the highest and safest possible quality. We house home-grown research and development labs to address a variety of unique skin requirements. Since inception, our focus has been to deliver result-oriented products across the world. 

Insight has spread its wings PAN India and can be found across 35000 retail and novelty stores across. Our journey from a single manufacturing city-wide facility to an international brand has been a testament to the years of quality delivered to our customers. We are also listed on more than 12 renowned ecommerce platforms which speaks remarkably about our quality and standard of service.

Insight Cosmetics serves all your beauty and skincare needs with more than 1000+ SKUs across a variety of uses and special requirements that not only enhance your beauty on the outside, but also cater to your unique skin sensitivities. We have revolutionized quality research and development in the field of cosmetics to ensure that only the best reaches your table. We are always on toes to create paraben-free, toxic-free, 100% vegan beauty and skincare products that are dermatologically tested and FDA approved for unique skin requirements and issues. Further, to keep our standards in check and grow consistently, we have also enabled a dedicated R&D department making us one of the few home-grown manufacturing companies. 

Insight acknowledges the audience it caters to. Therefore, we have evolved Insight with the aim to reach every nook and corner across the world and provide excellence at ease. We have established Insight essentials that takes care of your pocket in an extremely safe and toxic-free way. We ensure that an affordable product does not compromise our standards. As a brand, Insight understands how beauty and skincare requirements are vital to every individual. Therefore, we have evolved Insight essentials as your one-stop solution for affordable beauty and skincare products.