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Our Role towards a Safe and Healthy Environment: Your Safety is our Priority.

In these times of uncertainty and crisis of this pandemic, we understand that everyone using our product is concerned about their safety and our capacity to serve them. We at Insight Cosmetics, are putting every possible effort to provide you with the best quality and the safest products. We work with extra alertness and take every safety precaution while working to fulfil your requirements. After carefully examining the pandemic situation, we work with due diligence to keep everyone safe.

Steps Taken to Assure you Retain your Beauty, with complete Safety Measures.

Health checkup:- Carrying out regular health check-ups of every staff. 

Maintaining social Distancing:- Understanding the situation, our beauty experts practice social distancing to avoid any spread of disease.

Safety precautions taken by our Makeup specialists:- Wearing mask & gloves at all times to prevent the spread of any possible disease.

Other Measures:- Providing hand sanitizers to all our employees and workers, Isopropyl Alcohol Sprays, Tissues, Regular cleaning of the workplace, taking utmost safety measures.

Safety Measures Taken in our Production, Storage and Transportation Process.

Regular sanitization of the workspace to keep the Manufacturing unit virus-free.

Regular temperature check-ups, providing safety kits such as gloves and a face mask to avoid any contamination. 

Social distancing in all the probable places such as Canteens; and regular sanitization and cleaning of restrooms and all the necessary spots in the manufacturing unit to avoid contamination.

Proper sanitization of products after the packaging process, to avoid any spread of disease.  

Insight Cosmetics has the most reliable storage and transportation process taking every necessary measure to avoid contamination. 

We carry out all our business processes according to the WHO Guidelines. 

Sanitizing all the raw materials coming and also the finished goods ready to be sold.

Customer’s safety is our utmost priority. And that is why we have taken some rigorous safety measures so that our customers could happily use our products.